Screen mutations

We are increasingly living our lives through filters. Through social networks, through smartphones, through the prism of our computer screens. We’re closer, yet further, than ever. In the communication age, it is so often through a digital mode that we speak to the ones closest to us.
With my graduation project, screen mutations, I explored the medium through which I now primarily communicate with my family:Skype, FaceTime, my computer screen. Attempting to filter a real world ritual, that of dining together, through this digital skew, I created a collection of tableware that only appear real through the eyes of a webcam.

Collaborating with computer geometry expert Dianne Hans-ford, and calculating the perspective with the technique of anamorphosis, led to a series of objects that question the fabric of our modern day existence. “‘What seems’ becomes more important than‘ what is’” as the visual identity we put out there — in avatars, Instagrams, and so forth — grows increasingly disparate from who we are in reality.

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